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Frank Cappelli


For Immediate release: Frank Cappelli re-releases his children’s music. For any of the 65 shows, music videos, or songs, go to the SHOP at this website and you can see all the shows, music videos, How-to’s, and songs. YOU CAN NOT ORDER ON LINE

Make your request and e mail them to us at:

E-mail us with your request and we will e mail back with the cost and then send your check to

Cappelli and Company,


465 Marietta Place, Pittsburgh, PA  15228

Frank Cappelli is known to many Pittsburgh audiences for his beautiful tenor voice and Emmy Award winning children’s television program, “Cappelli & Company”. “I tried to create a unique new blend of instruments and harmonies with a touch of bluegrass, country, pop and a smidgeon of Cajun,” noted Cappelli, a former A&M Records international recording star. Frank’s music crosses borders, playing about with themes from all over the world Frank takes his audiences on a musical journey. Frank Cappelli has been recognized for superb vocal harmonies, imaginative and expressive arrangements and outstanding musicianship. Frank has ignited a fire of excitement around his children’s sound and style. The fusion of the singing creates a unique treat for the ear. Inspired by the great songs and song writers, Frank guarantees an enjoyable musical trip for all. Sometimes his sound has been described as “a wild sound, like tribesmen playing your soon to be favorite tunes.

Cappelli and Company now ch 463 Mon.-Fri. at 7:30 am

Cappelli and Company now ch 463 Mon.-Fri. at 7:30 am

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