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Frank Cappelli


Frank Cappelli

Frank is a warm, engaging artist who possesses the special ability to transform the simple things in a child’s life into a wonderful musical experience. Frank’s career has grown from his life-long love of music. He discovered the magic of performing as a young teenager where he sang and played his guitar in the nightclubs around Pittsburgh. On  one fortuitous night, he even sang with Duke Ellington.

As a freshman in high school he played Rolf in the Mt. Lebanon High School’s production of “Sound of Music”. As a senior, he was Harold Hill in “The Music Man”. While earning his B.A. In Music Education at West Chester State College, he played Sky Masterson in a college production of “Guys and Dolls”. His first experience with teaching young children was while in college as a music student teacher. Later he wrote and developed more songs for his own children, and children and their parents have been grateful ever since.

In the late 70’s Frank was singing in the local Pittsburgh clubs, especially “Razzberry Rhinoceros” on Walnut in Shadyside. While singing at night, he started “Horsefeathers”, the first singing telegram service since Western Union. His company delivered over 20,000 telegrams in the 4 years he owned the company.He later sold the company to one of the employees. In the 80’s Frank entered the field of children’s entertainment forming Peanut Heaven, a record label for children. The goal of the company was to produce quality audio cassettes designed to entertain, while at the same time subtly educate young children.

In 1988, he joined forces with WTAE-TV, the Pittsburgh-based ABC affiliate owned by Hearst Broadcasting. Together, they developed a pilot which was very well received. WTAE and Frank started working on “Cappelli and Company”, an award-winning children’s television variety show, hosted by Mr. Cappelli. The weekly program premiered on May 27, 1989 and included taped in-studio segments with a live studio audience comprised of children ages 3 to 7, videos of Mr. Cappelli performing original Cappelli songs, special guests and informative “how-tos”. The program aired on Nickelodeon from 1993 to 1994. Since 1992, “Cappelli and Company” has been syndicated in network affiliate stations in Boston, Baltimore, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Dayton. In September of 1995, it became internationally syndicated. In July of 1989, Frank signed a worldwide promotion and distribution contract with A&M Records. In October of that year, A&M released all four of Frank’s existing children’s cassettes, Look Both Ways, You Wanna Be a Duck?, On Vacation and Good. Pass the Coconut was released by A&M in June of 1991. Take a Seat was released in September of 1993. With the 1990 A&M Video release of All Aboard the Train and Other Favorites and Slap Me Five, Cappelli’s popular television program first became available to kids nationwide. Both videos, made of segments extracted from the “Cappelli and Company” series, have received high marks from a number of national publications, including People Magazine, Video Insider, Billboard, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide. Frank’s awards and critical acclaim are extensive and include the following: 1991, ‘90 Parent’s Choice Gold Awards; 1992, ‘90 Regional Emmy Awards; 1993, ‘90 Gabriel Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Programming; 1990 Achievement in Children’s Television Award; 1993, ’92, ’91, ’90 Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Awards for Best Children’s Program in Pennsylvania.

Here are some excerpts regarding Mr. Cappelli, his music and Frank’s Garage: “Frank Cappelli…….amuses tots without hypnotizing them. In the Sesame tradition, it’s guilt-free TV.” – Entertainment Weekly “There’s no question any longer that to teach kids we also have to entertain kids. That’s what Frank does.” – Diana Huss Green, editor-in-chief, Parent’s Choice Magazine “[All Aboard the Train and Slap Me Five] are simple sunny fare” – People Magazine “Decent, fatherly Frank Cappelli simply looks like a dad you can trust” – TV Guide “[Frank’s Garage is] clean and wholesome without being too corny or childish. Good lesson line.” – Program Director, WEIU, Charleston, IL In the mid 90’s Frank was asked by the National Division of WQED to develop a new children’s series for them. A pilot, “Frank’s Garage”, was completed but shortly thereafter the National Division was closed. Throughout the past 14 years Frank has traveled extensively all over the country performing in concert for young children. Live in concert, whether alone or with a symphony orchestra, Frank’s truly unique style is augmented his infectious love of music and performing before a live audience. His trademark “sing-alongs” always seem to generate enthusiastic participation from concert-goers. As television host on the award winning, “Cappelli & Co.” and critically acclaimed national children’s recording artist, Frank Cappelli is fast finding a place in the hearts of the young and the young at heart. While continuing to perform, Frank was asked by the Greenbrier Hotel and Spa in West Virginia to put together a band that would able to please the very young and the very old. In the early 2000’s Frank formed The Monongahela Duck Club Band.

In 2006 he was able to work an arrangement with the Hotel to have the band play outside the Hotel. In the fall and winter of 2006 he formed the Monongahela Duck Club Band LLC with fellow band mate Leo McCafferty. The company is designed to promote the band with CDs , DVDs, a TV special and any other way to promote the band they can think of. The band released its first CD, We’re Here! Let’s Play!, and will release a 2nd, I’ll Take It To Go, this fall. They are currently working on a DVD to include songs from both CDs. In 2006-7 Mr. Cappelli published 6 books, one each on the beginning instructions to the guitar, the piano, the flute, the clarinet, the trumpet, and the violin. They were published by Eldorado Ink and Distributed by Apple Books.